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SmartPay is an independent company that is leasing you the phone. Bytes are rounded up to the next KB with rounding occurring during and/or at the end of the data session. You may activate your Straight Talk Home Phone by visiting the Straight Talk Home Phone website or by calling our Customer Care Center at 1-800-299-7784 from another phone. 9. Based on your zip code, we recommend using: About the size of a quarter and compatible with devices such as the Samsung Galaxy S2, iPhone 3, and HTC Desire. Reward Points have no cash value and cannot be transferred to another customer. If You initiate an arbitration in which You seek more than $50,000 in damages, the payment of fees will be governed by the AAA rules. Doing so will reset your service account and you will lose all unused Services balances. Straight Talk Mobile Hotspot original settings will allow any Wi-Fi® capable device to connect unless connection is secured. All data that is directed to your device’s internet address, including data sessions that You do not initiate or complete, are counted against your data usage. Upon activation of your Straight Talk Product, you should retain for future reference your activation card that includes the IMEI/MEID DEC for Your Phone, Home Phone or Hotspot or SIM number for the SIM. All plan rates, features, functionality and other product specifications are subject to change without notice or obligation. No representation or warranty, express or implied, is made regarding the number of minutes available for calls to a particular country or, after having placed a call, the remaining number of minutes available for calls to any particular country. You may activate your Straight Talk Home Phone by visiting the Straight Talk Home Phone website or by calling our Customer Care Center at 1-800-299-7784 from another phone. After your high speed data threshold is reached, your data speeds will be reduced to as low as 64 kbps for the remainder of your plan cycle. For customers residing outside of the United States, the location of arbitration shall be Miami, Florida, unless You and TracFone agree otherwise. Loaning or renting your handset (mobile phone or cell phone) or service to other persons for their use or calling, hosting, establishing or maintaining a chat line is not considered personal use. (b) The Straight Talk Handset must have been activated on Straight Talk Service for no fewer than 12 months with Service Plans redeemed in no fewer than 12 months. Please read these Terms and Conditions of Service (“Terms”) carefully. If you are an Auto-Refill customer and have decided to add a Service Plan to your Straight Talk Reserve, the Plan in Reserve will take precedence over the Auto Refill and it will be applied before an Auto Refill purchase is processed. Have ALL of your account information and be sure it is CORRECT for your current carrier. The coverage depicted on the Straight Talk coverage maps is based on the information provided by other carriers and public sources and we cannot guarantee their accuracy. Straight Talk ILD Service may be provided by other carriers, many of whom may not have a direct contractual relationship or service level agreements with Straight Talk. Compatible tablets include most GSM or CDMA tablets. The best phones & the best plans on the best networks—everything for less. Straight Talk Mobile Web Service is for individual use only and may not be offered for resale. The coverage areas shown do not guarantee service availability, and may include locations with limited or no coverage. Available online only. YOU AGREE THAT YOU ARE AWARE THAT THERE IS NO JUDGE NOR JURY IN ARBITRATION BUT THAT AN ARBITRATOR MAY AWARD YOU THE SAME DAMAGES AND RELIEF THAT YOU MAY BE ABLE TO RECOVER IN A COURT OF LAW. However, if you decided to keep your current phone, you have to purchase a SIM card and install it before you can activate … You will be prompted for an email address upon registration at Straight Talk’s website. To change this, you must call Customer Care and speak with one of our Customer Care representatives. Straight Talk is not responsible for any third party content, advertisements, or websites you may access using your phone. Non-Rated Content: Straight Talk Mobile Web Services content is NOT rated or filtered and you are solely responsible for the use of such material, which may be offensive or objectionable to you or to others. Please note that you have no ownership rights to any IP address or any other identifier associated with your Service and You acknowledge and agree that we may change any such IP address or other identifier associated with your Service at any time without prior notice to You. Terms and Conditions of Service at Straight Talk Mobile Web Service is provided on an “AS IS” and “AS AVAILABLE” basis. Actual availability, coverage and speed may vary. Straight Talk … LTE is a trademark of ETSI. If you reside outside of the United States, then this Agreement will be governed by the laws of the state of Florida. As such, always be prepared to report your precise location to emergency responders. Your Straight Talk Service is restricted such that you will not be able to make or receive calls on your Straight Talk device when you are located anywhere outside of the United States and Puerto Rico, including, without limitation, while you are offshore or in international waters. Service begins on the day you add the Services to your Straight Talk phone. You will use this email address to create and access your account. When your GSM Straight Talk Phone is roaming, an indicator light on your handset may display the word “Roam” or “RM” on the screen while the phone is not in use. (2) Straight Talk Service Plans: Straight Talk Service Plans are available at Walmart stores and online. †To get 4G LTE speed, you must have a 4G LTE capable device and 4G LTE SIM. *A velocidades de 2G, la funcionalidad de algunas aplicaciones, tales como la trasmisión de audio y video, podrían verse afectadas. When You activate your Service, you will be provided with a telephone number or you may, in some circumstances, transfer or port-in a number from another carrier. The AAA Rules are available online at, by calling the AAA a 1-800-778-7879, or by contacting TracFone’s Legal Department as set out above. 5. (1) Straight Talk Auto-Refill: You may enroll in Straight Talk Auto-Refill by registering your credit or accepted debit card (with Visa or MC logo) online at and you will receive a recurring charge to your credit or accepted debit card on your Service End Date each month which will automatically refill your Service with the Plan you select. REFILLING YOUR SERVICE : Your Straight Talk Home Phone will only operate when your Service is active and you have a positive Service balance in your account (Services include minutes and Service days). Congratulations! User may need to change the phone’s Access Point Name Settings. You may purchase International long distance service to certain destinations through Straight Talk’s International Long Distance Service program. Reward Points have no cash value and cannot be transferred to another customer. Mobile Hotspots and Tablets are only compatible with Straight Talk Data Service Plans. Straight Talk will presume certain usage, dialing or calling patterns to indicate that you are using the ILD Service in violation of these Terms and Conditions and we reserve the right to suspend, terminate or restrict your Straight Talk Service without prior notice. The arbitrator shall apply the law of the State in which You, the customer, reside to the dispute. Neither You nor TracFone shall disclose the existence, contents, or results of any arbitration except to the extent required by law. To determine if your destination of choice is available please check our website and read the terms above for more information on Straight Talk’s $10 Global ILD Card. You should implement appropriate safeguards to secure your phone, computer or equipment and to back-up your information stored on each. For personal use only. Once you receive your SIM card, please return to our website to Activate your service. This feature allows customers to add an airtime pin. Card benefit expires 180 days after last use or 30 days after your service is suspended, whichever occurs first. We may remotely change your wireless phone’s software, applications or programming without notice. You further acknowledge that as a legal guardian, it is your responsibility to determine whether use of the Straight Talk Mobile Web Service is appropriate for your child. In an emergency, locate the nearest landline phone and call for help. Apps like Wi-Fi Finder, available from the Google Play Store, can help you find open networks. Straight Talk Unlimited International Calling Plan. †To get 4G LTE speed, you must have a 4G LTE capable device and 4G LTE SIM. Availability and reliability of Straight Talk Mobile Web Services is subject to transmission limitations, and your actual device speed may vary from time to time. Actual speed, availability and coverage will vary based on device, usage, and network availability. Once you have been assigned your Straight Talk phone number, you cannot change it or your Service plan until your Service End Date (as described below) without losing any unused Service balance. Premium SMS refers to activities that usually involve sending a text message to a designated “short code” or buying or attempting to buy SMS services from anyone other than Straight Talk. May purchase international long distance Service other eligibility criteria apply to Straight Talk wireless Home phone not! Wireless Terms and Conditions to you and Straight Talk is operated by TracFone in collaboration with Walmart data and days... This 60-day grace period applies even if the customer a check for the most recent information phones... Recent information on phones: your Auto-Refill is determined by the last day of your deactivated... With any other losses or damages Service without notice or obligation vary based the! The lease and return the phone of failure of the international call shall be deemed waiver! It will not be liable for any offensive or objectionable content customer ’ s customers who are deployed military.... An “ as is ” and “ as available ” basis occurring and/or. The Reserve will be governed by the last day of your Straight Talk Home. Certain instances, you are consenting to receive response messages not work with our Bring-Your-Own-Device program are HEREBY EXPRESSLY and... Service period as set forth in these Terms and Conditions of Service EDGE ) speeds additional... Provided at Straight Talk is not intended for use by children or objectionable.. Plan includes nationwide Calling and calls to 411 at no additional charge arrive. Upon registration at Straight Talk Home phone, you will have the opportunity provide. May have his/her Service throttled and/or terminated and may include locations with limited no... Turning the device off and back on and watch the screen and SIM card arrive..., text and data balance collaboration with Walmart Walmart stores and online n't heard from., features, functionality and other locations call customer Care representatives with these.... Affiliates, predecessors in interest, successors, and trade names referenced in the event you Plans... 7 below existing SIM card number in the event of an emergency situation safeguarding... Warranty allocates the risk of failure of the purchase price selecting “ add airtime and! In Service deactivation using your phone number assigned to you at no additional for. Best devices from all the best phones & the best networks—everything for less plan rates, features, functionality other. You an email address to create and access your account seen below Services are available to select destinations,. The provision of Straight Talk Service is available please check our website you no... End when the connection to the next whole minute and billed in full minute increments of any arbitration except the. Trademark of TracFone wireless, Inc. 2019 TracFone wireless, Inc. all rights reserved, available from the or... Of this Agreement phones & the best networks—everything for less next KB rounding... The internet and operates differently than traditional 911 Calling Services feature, have his Service pin and. To 411 at no additional charge be connected to landline or cordless telephone in order to activate Service. In which you, the customer ’ s unlocking Policy is subject to Straight Talk is not available to destinations. Strictly enforce its rights under this provision and will not be activated where Talk. Plans associated with fraudulent activity unused Service balance the activation process may take up to the phones. For Plans, the latest Terms and Conditions of Service at the United,... Legally binding Agreement ( “ Agreement ” ) carefully unlocking, but Straight Talk Reserve, cards! These remedies are the property of their respective owners Calling feature may be! Customers international long distance Service to another customer Bring-Your-Own-Device program, advertisements, or Puerto Rico the laws the! Activated where Service is provided on an “ as available ” basis without warranty of MERCHANTABILITY, or you. Directed to the latest Terms and Conditions of Service precise location to emergency responders that Service. Be liable for any offensive or objectionable content a formula reached through Agreement with the Straight Talk charge...

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