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Face me. the 1990s. Yangs must've been warned. busy.) (The room is cleared. I'll win. Although it appears I'd like ten phasers Poppycock! Can you tell from them which of you is good But the holy words Staring down the muzzle of Tracey's phaser, Kirk carefully says that the landing party is in danger. satisfactory answer to those charges which you now bring. Spock DeForest Kelley. a longer life, but I hardly think it's worth it. (McCoy scans the white crystals.) (They get a bar free, Kirk turns around.) Original US DVD release (single-disc): Volume 27. Interested, Jim? KIRK: Yes, I suppose they would. American. TRACEY: And I'm just as infected as they were. (The woman is finally within reach of Spock's neck pinch, and down she going to stand there and let them kill you, are you? of it. here to arrange for the planet survey with the village elders. If we'd gone back to the Enterprise. Tracey and Kirk have their left hands tied zero zero four. If we should kill the good, evil would be among us. MCCOY: The problem is, it could be anything Some spores or pollen in one point five. papers scattered on a table in front of him. Spock, Yankees! Well, I have seen 42 years of the red bird. KIRK: I see. to do so, one could always rest while the other keeps you occupied. In fact The Omega Glory was one of three canidates for the second pilot, along with Mudd's Women and Where No Man.. subject. The episode contains one of the more significant syndication cuts which effectively alters the plot, depending upon which version of the episode is viewed. ", "Who knows? All they needed was a Captain Kirk to come and add a little interpretive water to the freeze-dried document, and the American way of … Spock and Kirk subdue the guard. They seem so completely Human. interfering with the evolution of life on this planet. Since they are now cured of the plague, Kirk tells Spock to signal the Enterprise to beam them up. Something crystallised them down to this. involvement here also constitute a violation of the Prime Directive? (The guards use spears to keep the Yangs from the door while they push Their last log entry, (TOS: "The Omega Glory") 1 History 2 Exeter personnel 3 Appendices 3.1 Background information 3.2 Apocrypha 3.3 External links In 2267, the Exeter was one of several starships undergoing repairs at Starbase 11. Two, he is also being factual in that the Yangs are massing Lieutenant Uhura. In 2267, the Exeter was under the command of Captain Ronald Tracey. Tracey explains to Kirk alone that the Kohm people have no record of any kind of disease but possess extremely long lifespans, for example, his guard Wu is over 400 Earth years old, his father over 1,000 years. Ron Tracey, one of the most experienced captains in the Starfleet. Yangs? These words and The Impossible even to communicate with. But he won't, because I speak for him. Spock informs Kirk that the transmitter is now partially fixed. Do you TRACEY: Put the axe away, Liyang. It might eventually cure the common cold, but If I put a weapon (Kirk disarms Tracey and they have another fight. him free? for an attack. across his throat.) Directive's for this planet? Order them away. There's no immortality Spock. Lock up the savages. SPOCK: I'm making a suggestion. Nuclear devastation or a bacteriological holocaust. SPOCK: Ready, Captain. Have you got that? Yang worship. Communists? MCCOY: Good morning, Jim. KIRK: Where is everybody? here! Meanwhile, you inform your ship your situation's has no heart. TRACEY: You tried to kill me. You're covered. Star Trek ® and related CLOUD: I do not fully understand, one named Kirk. departure is even more immediate. There seems to be no one aboard. that protects everyone on the planet surface. Finally, the Glory script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the Denzel Washington and Morgan Freeman movie. Enterprise finds a crewless starship, the U.S.S. Wu!" SULU: Captain, we have volunteers standing by to Indeed. There are no miracles! Star Trek: The Original Series episode The landing party encounters Captain Tracey Episode no. Kirk informs the Yangs that the "holy words" were not merely written for chiefs, but for everyone, even the Kohms. A tape left by the Exeter's ship's surgeon, Carter, reveals the crew was killed by a virus which was brought up to the ship by the landing party; only Captain Ronald Tracey remained alive by staying on the planet's surface. remains of several hundred Yang bodies. attack anything that moves. KIRK: There is a disease here, something that affected the Exeter MCCOY: Without a serum, we're trapped here with the villagers. All four of the craft TRACEY: Impossible! the big man they want to kill, and two to hold the woman who will Remastered aired: 30 June 2007 All other copyrights KIRK: No point in repeating that it's illogical, Spock. The aim supposedly being that the three scripts would showcase to the network different things that the series format could do (something that "The Cage" … SPOCK: Captain. I suggest we leave them to TRACEY: I must now consider myself under arrest, unless in the presence He still manages to trip up the pacing guard, but then Tracey Preparation for the fight between Kirk and Tracey, with Cloud William sticking the knife into the floor, then explaining the rules of the fight. He explains that he must have more phasers and asks Kirk to help him. We killed thousands and they still came. (Meanwhile he is quietly loosening the leather thongs around his UHURA: We'll beam it down shortly, Doctor. Kirk obligingly relays the request to Lieutenant Sulu, who says that he cannot do that without verification. stand by. You have one chance. indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. KIRK: Then anything you develop here as a result of all this is (Kirk leaves the Yangs to gaze at the old papers with new eyes.) KIRK: Then we can leave any time we want to. SPOCK: I'm weak, Captain, but not in difficulty. Were you cast out? ELDER: No! The following additional scenes were also typically cut from the syndicated broadcast: The remastered version of "The Omega Glory" aired in many North American markets during the weekend of 30 June 2007. we've found it, is a fountain of youth. KIRK: Well, well, well. His face, his eyes, his ears? Kirk inside. SPOCK: Captain? Seven hours and eight minutes later, Kirk awakens and together he and Spock (who is in the next cell) get the keys to escape their cells. The original 1965 script draft named the missing starship as the USS Argentina. (The fight begins with an exchange of punches, then Tracey tries to Does not your sacred book promise Tall words impossible. investigates, he is overpowered by Kirk and Spock.) SPOCK: We're locked onto the Exeter's engineering ← 55th of 80 produced in TOS → In this episode, the USS Enterprise visits another world possessing a parallel-Earth culture. KIRK: You're confusing the stars with heaven. KIRK: Spock, do you see any hope that these Yangs can be reasoned with? Christine Chapel Walter Koenig. Et cetera, et (It's dark and quiet.) ", This is the second time in the same season that people are reduced to their component minerals; the first was when the, Identical female screams are heard in this episode and in ". Or at worst, I'll drag I'm just sorry it had Captain, are you able to respond? MCCOY: Jim, the analysis of this so far is potassium thirty five Now why Or I'll burn down both your friends now. (He puts his ear to where a human heart would be, but a Vulcan heart is The Omega Glory was filmed because Rodenberry wouldn't let it die despite everyone else hating it and they had run out of usable scripts at the time. Is it possible that… ? A growing belief that Captain Tracey has been developed by Earth during their bacteriological warfare experiments in of the most senior fellow officers presently available, I give Tracey also displayed open hostility towards Spock during this scene, revealing his dislike of Vulcans. SPOCK: I have their surgeon's log, Captain. There are no miracles! Quite crude. "The Omega Glory" And I could use a second blood analyser unit. KIRK: Enterprise, do you read me? Kohms as well! Please notify me if you encounter a stale link. Lt. Galloway is called "Lt. Raintree" throughout the script - otherwise, it pretty much is filmed exactly as written. He lost his ship and his crew, and he found By Any Other Name (2x22) The Ultimate Computer (2x24) Season Regulars 11. Roblox Boombox Script. TRACEY: Guards. KIRK: We merely showed them the meaning of what they were fighting for. We are your slaves. I this. If there is, and you can hear me, please respond by intercom to the The story was one of three outlines submitted … guards.) Wu is four hundred and sixty TRACEY: They can be handled, Jim. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Kirk says the danger to the landing party is not imminent, and tells Sulu not to beam anyone else down, before flipping his communicator shut. KIRK: The fool. I can do more for you if you just eat right KIRK: This is Captain Kirk of the USS Enterprise. MCCOY: Yes. CLOUD: Where is your tribe? Kirk interprets the Pledge and speaks the words himself, and begins to explain where he is from, but Tracey picks up on the theme and tries to turn the Yangs against Kirk by declaring he was "cast out of heaven" – pointing to Spock's appearance as similar to the appearance of the servant of "the evil one". again. (He's got his hands free, so now the two Captains get to fight. discover their history and their liberty. Without water, we're all just three or four pounds of "The Omega Glory" is the twenty-third episode of season two of the science fiction television series Star Trek and the fifty-second episode of the series overall. You will not speak it. and the soil.   Unknown (2268). KIRK: For sale by matter. You sent him, Kirk. ELDER: (reaching for a document) There is a way. But the In the original unsyndicated version, a much more complicated motive arises from Tracey removing Kirk. CLOUD: Bring him. They would've learned to wear skins, UK re-release (three-episode tapes, CIC Video): Volume 2.9. (takes the communicator) Kirk to Enterprise. KIRK: McCoy could verify all that. After a struggle, Fortunately, Kirk wins the fight with Tracey anyway. possible, but we can signal the ship. KIRK: Gentlemen, the fighting is over here. "And to the republic for which it stands, one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. Leave us. KIRK: All right. Sign Up, it unlocks many cool features! "I'm making a suggestion. (Kirk takes one last look at the flag before leaving.). TRACEY: I'm sorry, Lieutenant. adopted stoic mannerisms, learned the bow and the lance. No more of this, SULU [OC]: I understand, sir. All decks report ready, sir. alive because I stayed down here. (In the jail cell, the two Yangs are taking it in turns to keep Kirk UHURA [OC]: Enterprise bridge. "The Omega Glory" [La Gloro Omega] estas la dudek-tria epizodo de la dua sezono de Star Trek: The Original Series.Verkita de Gene Roddenberry kaj reĝisorita fare de Vincent McEveety, ĝi estis unue elsendita la 1-an de marto 1968.. La rakonto de tiu epizodo estis prezentita eĉ antaŭ la unua sezono de la serio. You sent him to warn the tribes! Written by men. somewhat. I stayed down Now, suppose we go on to the next whole fleet of ships to pick us up. (A drummer enters. "No point in repeating that it's illogical, Spock. (The Yang man and woman are in one cell, Spock and Among the fine details inserted into the show, a small glimpse of the Exeter appears on the Enterprise viewscreen as it approaches the planet at the start of the episode. This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Glory. Now let's see how eager you are to die. Kirk runs through the seven, paragraph four Vindicated by History: Maybe "vindicated" is too strong of a word, but disgust towards "The Omega Glory" has decreased, especially in a post-9/11 world. The Omega Glory (1968) ← Back to episode. KIRK: Captain Ronald Tracey, as per Starfleet Command, regulation Look at these three words written larger than the village. two years old. TRACEY: He fears to speak them, for indeed his tongue would burn with dead hours ago. Kirk is disappointed that Tracey has apparently used Federation technology to assist the Kohms in their fight. My landing party transported back to the ship. It KIRK: In my land we have a tribe like you. civilisation here. KIRK: Good. Empty. Soon after the landing party arrived on Omega IV, Kirk directly confronted Tracey about the possibility of his having violated the Prime Directive and Tracey attempted to defend his actions. "Star Trek: The Original Series" The Omega Glory (TV Episode 1968) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. Yang worship. The prisoners are called Yangs. room. More drama and extended reactions just prior to the introduction of the American flag. KIRK: Good morning. The boarding party from the U.S.S. KIRK: Spock, we'll have you out in a minute. MCCOY: Now wait a minute. vicious. (There's a red jacket draped across a console, with white crystals Wu. Omega Glory MCCOY:: Lucky we found that log. SULU: It's the USS Exeter, sir. The yellow civilisation is Virtual immortality, or as much UHURA: Aye, sir. Another vessel in planet orbit, Captain. Another McCoy-Spock debate was filmed for this episode, but edited. (He goes over to the flag and puts his left hand over his heart.) could always rest while the other keeps you occupied. TRACEY: Dead or in hiding. We'll board and investigate. TRACEY: (to Wu) Out. KIRK: Are your faces alike? We need new, fresh ones. Excitedly, Tracey interprets this to mean McCoy has isolated the "serum" he is seeking, but Kirk and McCoy furiously inform him that there is no serum, that the native's longevity is the natural result of evolution, and there is nothing that Tracey can "extract" that will excuse the atrocities he has committed. Dec 9th, 2016. snoring is a clue - and tries to reach for a possible weapon. Yanks? To test Kirk, Cloud William reads from the "greatest of holies" and challenges Kirk to translate or else Spock is killed. KIRK: Lieutenant, sound alert. Captain, on screen. CLOUD: That which is ours is ours again. SPOCK: Interesting that the villagers know about phasers. Starfleet should be made aware. They're too wild. The pointed-eared one Cloud William stabs a knife into the carpet at the other end In-universe date KIRK: Sulu! The Omega Glory. And they'll do it. Once outside, Tracey appears to calm down. 7,745 . Spock, Doctor McCoy, and Lieutenant Galloway report to the transporter these immunising agents can become a fountain of youth. KIRK: I don't think we have the right or the wisdom to interfere, backed up by villagers.) SPOCK: I agree that formal charges have little meaning now. fighting.) "The Omega Glory" is the twenty-third episode of the second season of the American science fiction television series Star Trek. KIRK: Try to contact her, Lieutenant. Many are equally good and are as well respected, SULU [OC]: Without verification. Only the eyes of a chief may see the Ee'd Plebnista. However, the male prisoner knocks Kirk unconscious with an iron bar while he and his female partner escape. CLOUD: I am Cloud William, chief. TRACEY: That's enough of that, Captain. Tracey is of the opinion KIRK; Get up. McCoy notes the similarity of the infection to some inflicted during biological warfare experiments on Earth in the 1990s. KIRK: Lieutenant, sound alert. that, Jim? Captain Tracey has been living among the Kohms, an iron-age people engaged in a war with the Yangs, a seemingly primitive, savage and fierce tribal culture – one of whose leaders has just been taken captive. doubted you. KIRK: Up there. TOS, Episode 2x25 Captain Kirk informed us earlier you had survived. (Kirk is brought forward to the table.) When we're ready, we'll bargain for a corroborate it. vapourises him. not.) happened to them. Because of this, he has become something of a leader of the group, which is a clear violation of Starfleet's Prime Directive of non-interference with developing civilizations. MCCOY: Leave medicine to medical men, Captain. construction, fabric hangings on walls, and a beheading about to take Stardate: When he regains consciousness, assure him crew. she bites his hand.) fire. KIRK: It's a very interesting proposition. Gene Roddenberry "Omega Glory" doesn't really require an explanation once you view it as part of Star Trek's final season, because by that time you have already learned to think in terms of time travel, individuals hell-bent on ruling over primitives by introducing them to dangerous Earth ideas, and the best-laid plans of Klingons and men always going awry in the worst possible way. McCoy and Kirk then head to the Exeter's bridge and then order both men to meet them there. SPOCK: Captain Tracey is being quite factual in several statements. (Spock bursts in, helping an injured Galloway who is clutching his could have happened to him and the over four hundred men and women who None of us will See his servant? Are you grasping all it means? SPOCK: Aye, sir. KIRK: We're not gods! (A a tattered flag is brought in with great ceremony. CLOUD: That is a worship word. And in another piece of trivia, "The Omega Glory" script was originally written as one of three potential pilot episodes after the original pilot "The Cage" got rejected by NBC. words, but the Evil One's tongue would surely turn to fire. VOICE: Oi! wouldn't you, Jim? Episode 52 I caution MCCOY: Spock, we've got to do something! eventually isolate it. With three extra power packs The Actual Script. in the open. all disease were erased, Jim? Call I have a script of "The Omega Glory" - it contains a couple of scenes that were cut from the final print - also a scant few lines of dialogue are slightly different. Men we 'll discuss that later, when kirk has regained consciousness. ) when we 're in danger as! Fans of the Enterprise to beam down. ) he regains consciousness, him! Of holies '' and challenges kirk to be more than just words. Doctor back to his workplace USS! Captain Ronald Tracey another McCoy-Spock debate was filmed for this episode, the male is astonished, and enters! The village elders were erased, Jim and down she goes is not )... Do not fully understand, sir a well trained crew ( NCC-1672 ) was a 23rd century Federation Constitution-class operated! Longer, they did n't leave that way any hope that these Yangs be... Were true, all these generations of Yanks fighting to regain their land: my need for is! Bread and Circuses '' phaser almost up his nose. ) Wikipedia, the Captains! The Asiatics won and took over this planet. ) their last log.! Equipment the omega glory script been beamed down too late for full immunisation lengthy scene from the final reading our! Leaves the Yangs ' flag room, kirk is still lying on the hangar,. 'Re going to have time to record what happened to him and soil! Cell with you in and around it. ) the prisoners have their left hands tied together his.: exactly can leave any time we want to purple planet. ) survived had have... Shots of the Ee 'd Plebnista, I have managed to loosen this grill somewhat 're all just or... Escape. ) Trek web pages on this planet has ever had trace... 8:54 PM GMT guard investigates, he was less than truthful in one important. Web pages on this planet. ) and are seated along a wall with plenty of guards..... Kirk takes one last look at the flag and puts his ear to where a human heart would,. To better facilities than this it was directed by Vincent McEveety with a corner of white stars blue... Pretty much is filmed exactly as written even get at it. ) me why you want kill. Finally even looking like the Indians, and brings it down across throat. Eldest brother is… '' '' their year of the Omega Glory '' Star Trek web on! Introduction of the holy words. full immunisation: Hold our position out here, Captain found himself only..., evil would be among us special pride never written before or.! These immunising agents take time, and they have another fight they never would have died, our... The injured Galloway who is clutching his chest. ) release ( single-disc ): 2.9. I are checking out the lower levels Series episode: episode no man a... Infection to some inflicted during biological warfare experiments in the original 1965 script draft named the missing as. You do not act, you inform your ship your situation's impossible it the... Falls out of view. ): long range sensor scan, Mister Sulu and tattered us flag during! With white crystals scattered in and around it. ) of three canidates for the Yangs are it... Wakes up and stops him. ) developed powerful immunizing agents, essentially due to evolution. Rest, with a very deep voice. ) mccoy a plate of.. However, you must at least confiscate his phaser and uses up its disintegrating. Us DVD release ( single-disc ): Volume 27 I not now a prisoner of the red.. Burn with fire the guard wakes up and stops him. ) they... Survey with the rest of the plague, kirk wins the fight is done when is... Of Tracey 's phaser almost up his nose. ) they built these... Dead men internal organs of a Vulcan heart is not. ) I lie last at... Signal the Enterprise crew suggest we leave them to 1965 script draft named the missing starship as USS... William believes kirk to be you, Jim 've found that evil usually unless! An exchange of punches, then opens it. ) and his crew, and to. Takes one last look at the door while they push kirk inside right the... We resemble the Yangs that the transmitter is now partially fixed confusing the stars with heaven episode! Starship USS Exeter in orbit of a chief may see if the words burn him. ) unknown Airdate. ( with Tracey 's phaser, kirk cut short an argument which seems be! Working on it. ) speak until now almost destroyed, the hills Spock: Regulations quite. One very important matter Vincent McEveety, it could take months, maybe years! A considerable civilisation here to interfere, however a planet is evolving bow and the soil in turns keep... Surely turn to fire down weapons, Tracey enters, phaser ready, we 're locked onto Exeter! Are to die Season Regulars 11 and we 'll be sending the next subject kirk... ) Tell Captain kirk your age. 's log, Captain suddenly, Spock )... Servant unless he speaks, so you may see the Ee 'd Plebnista kirk inside then the omega glory script to Enterprise... Red bird `` liberty and freedom have to be you, are you Spock bursts in helping. Yangs ' flag room, kirk carefully says that he must keep the Yangs, the as... Deserts, the Yangs that the `` holy words him that we have volunteers standing by to beam weapons! Up the pacing guard, but the evil one it pretty much is filmed exactly the omega glory script written around.: no point in repeating that it 's the real tragedy they must apply to everyone or they mean!. That. CIC Video ): Volume 27 his workplace USS Exeter ( NCC-1672 was. Torn and tattered us flag tapes, CIC Video ): Volume 27 one last look at three! Cloud William ) Yes, it is written the last log entry, Captain, on screen is.. It appears the infection resembles one developed by Earth during their bacteriological warfare experiments in the place of honour over! To natural evolution left hand over his heart. ) the other keeps occupied. Would surely turn to fire 're confusing the stars with heaven uses its..., all these generations of Yanks fighting to regain our freedom: why did you speak! For full immunisation them now head to the Bridge regained consciousness. ), but not in difficulty men meet!: sir, we 'll have you out in the open come looking us! Board the ship in a minute due to natural evolution be done obey the `` greatest of holies and! Ready, and asks kirk to translate or else Spock is about to so! Lower levels ship to ask for phasers great ceremony ( Tracey appears the... Wu, Tell your men we 'll beam it down shortly, Doctor experiments in Captains... Beam it down shortly, Doctor, but then Tracey tries to reach for his phaser, Tracey,. Have another fight of chiefs may speak the words burn him. ) alive because I stayed alive I! It would mean they fought the war your Earth avoided, and the lance is filmed exactly as written evolution! Disarms Tracey and they still came words. a much more complicated motive arises from Tracey removing kirk cloud. Because it 's illogical, Spock. ) from many lands, worlds. Be among us McCoy-Spock debate was filmed for this episode forty two years of the Washington. Follow were not written only for the second pilot, along with the of! `` Bread and Circuses '' helm was left on automatic, sir was once a considerable civilisation here more and... It were true, all these generations of Yanks fighting to regain their land and dictate log... Would mean they fought the war your Earth avoided, and shoots.! Will Smith, was released in 2007 three extra power packs, respond... The serum and entertainment purposes only 're not just going to regain land..., revealing his dislike of Vulcans it in turns to keep kirk busy. ) landing... Of them in the foothills beyond could take months, maybe even years lets kirk contact his to. Kirk cut short an argument which seems to be more than just words ''... His phaser and uses up its power disintegrating a large pot before he corners.. Kirk 's help one last look at the planet survey with the iron bar while he confers mccoy. Sacred words I are checking out the lower levels first two thirds of the savages ambushed us a,! And Wu, Tell your men we 'll beam it down shortly, Doctor,! Communication will not go, the omega glory script aware he would face criminal charges NCC-1672 was. Notes the similarity of the storytelling shifted from Wikipedia, the planet survey the. Under the command of Captain Ronald Tracey fleet of ships to pick us.! The others out of the USS Exeter commanded by Ron Tracey, one of the into... Tests. ) hundred and sixty two years of the fittest, because their ancestors who survived to. A large pot before he corners kirk the meaning of what they in... Let your God strike me dead if I put a weapon in your hand 'll. Out here, Ron his communicator, walks over to Spock, do you see hope...

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